BABE RUTH’S 1932 JERSEY – $940,000

The most observant readers out there may have caught on that it is Babe Ruth who is the man to feature seven times on this list, and it is that man again who comes in at number 11. The legendary slugger, best known for his home run power, became arguably the first great sporting celebrity during the Roaring Twenties and appears to be the most marketable athlete of all time when it comes to memorabilia.

This jersey is iconic because it was worn by Ruth for his iconic ‘called shot’. When he stepped up to bat, with the scores tied at 4-4 against the Chicago Cubs in the 1932 World Series, Ruth pointed pointed to the bleachers in center field before hitting the ball exactly where he had pointed for his 15th home run of the year. The jersey sold for $940,000.

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