Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers – #12


Aaron Rodgers has been a formidable quarterback since originally coming to play for the Green Bay Packers. Because of his level of play and sincerity of overall character, he remains a fan favorite. Because of this, his green, officially licensed, #12 jersey is always a top-seller. It comes in seven sizes for that perfect fit and features high-quality screen print.

Rob Gronkowski – New England Patriots – #87


Rob Gronkowski, or “The Gronk” has climbed to status of household name. His dynamic contribution to the always formidable New England Patriots offensive squad is always something to watch. His beloved demeanor and laid-back personality also make him a popular character in the NFL world. This popular jersey has everyone wanting to look like The Gronk. His top-selling, blue jersey comes in five sizes as well as touting the official screen print of Gronkowski’s actual jerseys.

Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers – #1


Cam Newton is the revered quarterback of the current Carolina Panthers football team. His black jersey, worn through so many victories, comes in seven sizes, is of course, machine-washable, and will undoubtedly make you ready to gain some yards at your own social outing. Now you can look just like“Ace Boogie”!

Darren Sharper – Minnesota Vikings – #42


He was a respected William and Mary College alumni and even more respected safety in the NFL. Now-retired, NFL all-star, Darren Sharper is still a favorite in the world of NFL apparel. His beloved, Vikings-purple, #42 jersey is yours in a choice of two sizes. It is an official Reebok product and features the very recognizable v-neck, NFL patch, and dazzle sleeve patterns commonly worn by Sharper.

Odell Beckham Jr – New York Giants – #13


Odell Beckham Jr, the flamboyant and very talented wide receiver for the New York Giants is often referred to as “The One-Handed Wonder”. The Guinness Book of World Records has even recorded his spectacular ability in one-handed receptions. As such, his adoration in the world of fandom continues to keep his Giants-blue jersey a top-ten best-seller. It comes in seven sizes, complete with the NFL-marked collar commonly seen adorning the star himself. It also features mesh side panels for excellent breathability.

 Darren Sharper – Minnesota Vikings Alternate Jersey – #42


Ranking above at number five on our list, Darren Sharper also comes in at number seven with his top-selling, alternate Vikings jersey. This jersey was only worn during special games and important events. It is black with bright, purple highlights, 100% nylon, professionally embroidered, and officially licensed by the NFL. Fans often relish the opportunity to pay homage with a more rare token such as this rarely-worn specialty.

Von Miller – Denver Broncos – #58


An integral part of the Denver Super Bowl victory recently, Von Miller is a popular talent on the field. Since coming into Denver as a top draft in 2011, he has been an integral player for the team. He has also been quite the personality to match. His top-selling, orange and blue jerseys are a direct result and testament to this talent and popularity at the outside linebacker position. The jersey’s five choices in size and breathable fabric ensure a comfortable wear for all.

Indianapolis Colts Team Jersey


The Indianapolis Colts have brought us many stars over the years including Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne, and Marvin Harrison. The team’s combined Super Bowl appearances, championship wins, and record-breaking achievements have made fan love and loyalty a given. The blue, top-selling, Colts team jersey is an appropriate classic. It is 100% nylon, officially licensed, professionally embroidered, and sold in five sizes.

Troy Williamson – Minnesota Vikings – #19


Yet another Minnesota Vikings Jersey makes our list for 2016/2017 top-sellers. This one is courtesy of Vikings star wide receiver, Troy Williamson. Williamson’s five-season career brought fans plenty of excitement and treasured memories. This first-round pick of the 2005 NFL draft eventually settled in Minnesota where he continued his shining talents. His beloved, white replica jersey comes in your choice of four sizes and is a 100% polyester, official product of Reebok.

BABE RUTH’S 1932 JERSEY – $940,000

The most observant readers out there may have caught on that it is Babe Ruth who is the man to feature seven times on this list, and it is that man again who comes in at number 11. The legendary slugger, best known for his home run power, became arguably the first great sporting celebrity during the Roaring Twenties and appears to be the most marketable athlete of all time when it comes to memorabilia.

This jersey is iconic because it was worn by Ruth for his iconic ‘called shot’. When he stepped up to bat, with the scores tied at 4-4 against the Chicago Cubs in the 1932 World Series, Ruth pointed pointed to the bleachers in center field before hitting the ball exactly where he had pointed for his 15th home run of the year. The jersey sold for $940,000.